The women, who hail from Chennai, allegedly committed suicide in a dharamshala

A mother and daughter hailing from Chennai allegedly committed suicide in a dharamshala in Varnasi on Tuesday night.

A suicide note has been recovered. Varnasi police said they ended their life in the city as they believed they would attain salvation that way. Speaking to The Hindu, Santosh Singh, superintendent of police, city Varnasi, said that the deceased were identified as K. Chandra (62), wife of Kurusenamurthy, and her daughter Usha Nandini (37). They used to reside at ward 48, door number 37, Kumarasamy Street in Perambur.

Chandra lost her husband years back and her daughter was a spinster. “It is a common belief that it if one dies in Varnasi, they get salvation. Hence the two women came to Varnasi on December 10 and took a room in Budhiya Dharmshala near the Ganga Ghat.

On Wednesday morning, when a waiter went to their room, the daughter was found hanging from the ceiling and the mother was found dead on the bed. The police were alerted immediately.

“There was a suicide note in Tamil. In it they had written that they did not have anyone after the death of Kurusenamurthy and hence they wanted to die in Kashi. They had brought over Rs. 1 lakh. They wanted this amount to be spent on the final rites,” said Mr. Santosh Singh.

The police found a number of medicines in the room. “Either one of them could be related to the field of medicine. We will be conducting their cremation in Varnasi as per their wish,” he said.

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