Mosquitoes can breed in rainwater collected in cement mixing trays and similar equipment

The public health department has intensified its drive against potential mosquito breeding sources across the city.

Steps to identify and remove breeding grounds are underway. Officials say, currently, the mosquito density is under control. However, the Corporation faces a huge challenge by way of construction activity in various parts of the city.

“Construction sites are potential breeding sources. Mosquitoes could breed in rainwater collected in cement mixing trays. Aedes mosquitoes breed in containers that have no direct contact with the earth. The local body is taking control measures,” a senior entomologist said.

The department is also educating the public on preventing mosquito breeding. The Corporation has engaged 1,762 contract labourers in addition to 1,452 permanent malaria workers to combat mosquito menace in the city.

However, fogging will not be carried out in all areas as mosquitoes may become resistant to the insecticide, the expert said.

S. Elango, former director of public health and president of Indian Public Health Association, Tamil Nadu branch, said there should be strong inter-departmental coordination for control measures.

“A special programme should be drawn up for involving the community. Steps should be taken to constitute the public health board that could take care of coordination among departments and community participation,” he said.


Ignorance hinders vector controlJuly 26, 2013