The rising mosquito density in localities in the vicinity of metro rail sites and other government offices has been bothering residents. But the Corporation is unable to gain access to such offices and construction sites for carrying out operations.

According to Corporation sources, metro rail construction sites have emerged as breeding sources after the recent rains. But malaria workers of the Chennai Corporation are not permitted to carry out mosquito control operations on the premises by contractors. Corporation employees in charge of mosquito control said the reason cited was often safety concerns. CMRL does not carry out mosquito control operations either.

A CMRL official said Corporation employees are not being denied entry to any of its premises and that such operations were being carried out.

Access to other government buildings, belonging to both the Centre and the State said Corporation sources.

The Central Railway Station, High Court and Ezhilagam premises have recorded relatively higher mosquito density in recent weeks, they added.

“Aedes species from such breeding sites can bother residents in a radius of 800 to one kilometre. Anopheles will fly three to four km. The Chennai Corporation should tackle mosquito breeding,” said B.M. Rex, a pest control consultant.

The civic body has been trying to impose fines on owners of construction sites. Rs.1.75 lakh has been collected from private premises this year.

The Corporation plans to issue stop work notices to private premises that harbour mosquitoes. But it is yet to make a decision on issuing such notices to government buildings or premises.

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