The police have announced certain modifications in vehicular movement to ease traffic congestion in and around Cenotaph Road. The modifications, being introduced on an experimental basis, will come in to effect from Friday morning.

As per the changes, Cenotaph Road will be made ‘one way' with entry for vehicles only from the Anna Salai side. The G.K. Moopanar flyover would also be made ‘one way' with entry only for vehicles coming from the Anna Salai side. The stretch of Chamiers Road from Turnbulls junction to Anna Salai would be ‘one way' with entry for vehicles only from Turnbulls junction.

Entry for vehicles, coming from Teynampet, Saidapet and Venkatnarayana Road, into Chamiers Road at Nandanam junction would be prohibited. These vehicles instead have to take Cenotaph Road.

Vehicles coming on Anna Salai from Teynampet side and bound for Venkatnarayana Road would not be allowed to take a right turn at the Nandanam junction. ‘U' turn would also not be allowed for these vehicles at the Nandanam junction.

Vehicles coming from Kotturpuram and proceeding to Anna Salai and beyond have to take the service road of the G.K. Moopanar flyover, Chamiers Road, Nandanam junction to reach Anna Salai.

There would be no change in the route for vehicles from Kotturpuram to T.T.K. Road and those coming from T.T.K. Road-Chamiers Road and bound for Kotturpuram.