If the imposing stage décor, soothing lighting and aesthetic ambience of Margazhi Raagam attracted Carnatic lovers to theatres, its DVD format promises all that and more for those who missed it on the big screens.

At the launch of the special collector’s edition DVD of the Carnatic music feature film, brought out by Real Image and Aghal Films, here on Sunday, the speakers observed that the film created waves among the foreign audiences with its distinctive presentation.

Hailing Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna, who have performed in the film, for their innovative effort for taking music to the masses, U.S. Consul-General Andrew T.Simkin said the feature film was the best way to introduce the Carnatic tradition to a foreign audience. “The latest technology used in the film has made it on a par with any digital films. With exceptional clarity and impressive performance of the singers, the film stands out for its innovation and musical richness.”

Director Mani Ratnam said the film has brought a whole new experience to the ‘kutcheri’ tradition. It was difficult to give shape and visual element to good music, which was an abstract subject. “Shooting songs for films are a tricky job too. When the audio form is already a hit, giving it a visual definition becomes challenging. Lighting and camera must be aesthetically choreographed to augment the beauty of the music,” he said.

Krishna expressed hope that the DVD format would reach out to audiences who missed the film in theatres.

Feature films are the best way to promote any performing art, and this movie would be a trendsetter in encouraging more performing arts such as folk to take up cinema as their promotional medium. “While making this film, every element was taken care of by experts. As a whole package, the film came out well and it was a gratifying experience to be part of this project,” he said. Bombay Jayashri said the film had given a new dimension to Carnatic music and the DVD format would have a wider reach in India and abroad. On the digitisation of the film on DVD, its director Jayendra explained that the film was made by a seven-camera shoot using high-definition cameras and has six-track surround sound for the home audience. Through the DVD, the magic of Margazhi Raagam will be experienced in every home, he said.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012