The kidneys of five-year-old Janani, who was declared brain-dead, were on Thursday transplanted to her father Chandrasekar.

The child, who was grievously injured in a road accident in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, on Tuesday, was brought to the Government General Hospital here on Wednesday for treatment. When it became apparent that Janani would not survive, her family requested the hospital authorities to transplant her kidneys to her father. Mr. Chandrasekar had undergone maintenance dialysis at the hospital several years ago but had discontinued later. For sometime he was being treated in a hospital in Tirupati. The family lives in Arakkonam.

On Thursday, after the mandatory tests to certify that Janani was brain-dead, doctors harvested her organs. Both the kidneys were given to her father.

“Usually we match the size of the kidneys for transplantation. But in this case since it was the father we abided by the family's request,” Dean J. Mohanasundaram said. Mr. Chandrasekar will be discharged after two weeks. Doctors said the recipient would lead a normal life.

The liver of the child was harvested and handed over to Apollo Hospital, Chennai which in turn transported it to Apollo Hospital, Delhi. The valves of the heart were harvested and the corneas were sent to the Government Eye Hospital's eye bank.


Man to get brain-dead daughter's kidneysMarch 18, 2010

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