Dhanasekharan had 16 cases against him; hand of rival gang suspected

A lazy Sunday afternoon turned perilous for 29-year-old Dhanasekharan after a gang comprising over six persons hurled a country bomb at him when he was at his house in Ennore. He escaped with minor injuries.

Dead silence prevailed in the four-feet-wide lane in Anna Sivagami Nagar, a few kilometres away from the Ennore Thermal Power Station, where Dhanasekharan’s house is situated. Residents peeped through windows after the explosion occurred even as police jeeps blocked free movement in the street. Police officers said that Dhanasekharan is an anti-social element with over sixteen cases against him. But he seems to ceased such activities after a leg injury.

On Sunday afternoon at around 1 p.m, Dhanasekharan was playing carrom outside his house when he spotted two share auto rickshaws heading towards him. Suspecting that it might be his rival gang, he ran into his house and closed the door. “He was standing in the verandah which has grill windows. One person threw the country bomb,” said Dhanasekharan’s mother Karupayi.

Dhanasekharan hid behind the wall, but the stone pellets hit him and he sustained minor injuries. “I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound. Then I saw him running inside and he was bleeding. Two persons were standing outside and challenging my son to come out,” said Karupayi.

Fearing further attack, Dhanasekharan did not step out of the house. According to his family members, the explosion’s impact shattered the tube light, the window panes, and the glass on the bureau and left a photo frame on the wall hanging.

Dhanasekharan had suffered serious injuries on his legs recently and had gone to Kerala for treatment accompanied by his family. “We came here sixteen days back after we were summoned by the police and also to attend a family function. The rival gang knew Dhanasekharan was not fit and hence cannot retaliate. So they attacked him,” alleges Karupayi.

“Forensic experts collected pieces of thread found near the spot where the explosion took place. Usually a country bomb comprises stones and gun powder. It is wrapped with a thread.,” said a police officer.

“We have formed a team and are hunting for the accused,” said S.Selvarasu, assistant commissioner of police, Ennore.

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