Short film deals with ‘adoption' issue in emotional perspective

The scene opens with a childless couple who, after years of dilemma, decide to adopt a child. Meanwhile, an unmarried young woman is forced to leave her just-born twins in an adoption centre. When the film ends with the couple adopting the twins, viewers had a strong message to take back home — adoption can make a world of difference in the lives of abandoned children.

The 20-minute short film ‘Adhisaya Punnagai,' directed by Latha Menon, captures the issue in an emotional perspective even while providing information about the legal procedures involved in adopting a child. The screening of the film marked the inauguration of the first Karna Prayag Endowment Oration, organised by Karna Prayag Trust as part of its 30th year celebration, here on Wednesday.

Delivering the Karna Prayag Endowment Oration on ‘Surrogacy,' former judge of the Supreme Court A. R. Lakshmanan said the existing legal framework for surrogacy in India was fragile. Calling for a greater need to prepare a sound legal structure, he said laws relating to birth registration, embryo transplantation, adoption and guardianship should be amended and judges should be sensitised to handle legal and psychological issues of surrogacy. Exploitation of surrogate mothers should be prevented through hassle-free legal system, he added.

India was emerging as a medical tourism destination for its cost-effective treatment options. Places such as Anand in Gujarat have become an outsourcing centre for commercial surrogacy. Despite the growing number of surrogate women in the country, the social stigma was still high . He spoke about international laws, social and psychological barriers, concerning surrogacy. Trustee of the Karna Prayag Trust Sita Venkatramani said the organisation has facilitated adoption of nearly 1,000 babies in 30 years.