“Power utility's call centre number is either busy or keeps ringing”

Every night, when N.K. Satish, a marketing executive, returns to his home in Arumbakkam at 10.30 p.m. after spending an entire day in the heat, he is greeted by flickering lights and lazily rotating fans. Low voltage has left him sleepless over the last week.

Voltage fluctuation in some parts of the city has not only deprived people of their sleep but also made them spend large sums on repairing electrical devices that get repaired. “My computer and air-conditioners were ruined. After returning home, I can't even rest as it is so hot and the fans do not work,” said Mr. Satish.

The situation is similar in parts of Villivakkam, which gets its supply from the ICF sub-station. K. Jesudasan, a resident, said he was not able to run motors or electrical equipment due to voltage fluctuation. “It is impossible to access the power utility's call centre number: 155333. It is either busy or keeps ringing,” he said.

Some parts of Mylapore too face the same problem. “Some nights, I prepare work-related documents from home. But, it becomes very difficult as the lights keep flickering due to voltage fluctuation. Officials of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) need to do something about the problem,” said S. Balaraman, who stays on Balakrishna Street, Mylapore.

Senior TANGEDCO officials admitted that there was a problem.

“The problem is due to technical reasons. The equipment in sub-stations is also old. The problem will be sorted out as sub-stations and distribution systems will be upgraded with the Rs.3, 000-crore funding from Japan International Cooperation Agency,” said a senior official.

The extensive use of air-conditioners in the city also causes voltage fluctuation. “All the sub-stations are over loaded and there is a dire need to improve the distribution network in the city,” said another senior official.


Vivek NarayananJune 28, 2012

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