Diversions and one-way entries on several stretches leading to the beach, on Kaanum Pongal day

It’s Kaanum Pongal and what better way to enjoy a day of sightseeing than head to Marina beach.

But before you do so, make a note of the route diversions put in place by the traffic police. Parking arrangements have also been made in some places to accommodate the large number of vehicles. Read on to find more.

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To avoid vehicle congestion in view of the rush to Marina Beach on Kaanum Pongal on Wednesday, the Chennai traffic police have announced diversions and parking arrangements at Kamarajar Salai, Adams Road, Wallajah Road and Bharathi Salai.

This comes on the heels of the traffic chaos that reigned on Kamarajar Salai and adjoining stretches on New Year’s day, when no extensive traffic management measures were put in place by the police.

On Wednesday, according to a press release, all vehicles except MTC buses from North Subway and Parry’s Corner will be diverted at War Memorial junction towards Flagstaff Road, Wallajah Point, to reach Anna Salai or Muthusamy Point.

The vehicles going to Kamarajar Salai and War Memorial via Muthusamy Point and Anna Salai will be diverted at Wallajah Point.

At Periyar statue, motorists proceeding to Marina Beach alone will be allowed towards Swami Sivananda Salai.

Other vehicles will be diverted to Anna Statue, Anna Salai. Visitors to the Marina will have to park their vehicles on one side of Swamy Sivananda Salai and proceed to the beach by foot.

Bells Road will be turned into a one-way with entry from Bharathi Salai and no entry from Wallajah Road. Vehicles will be diverted to Anna Salai from this junction.

Canal Road will be made a one-way with entry from Wallajah Road and no entry from Bharathi Salai. No vehicle will be allowed towards Wallajah Road from Kamarajar Salai.

Vehicles coming from Anna Statue will be allowed up to Canal Road from where they will be diverted to either Kannagi Statue via Canal Road and Bharathi Salai, or to War Memorial MLA Hostel Road and Swami Sivananda Salai.

At Kannagi Statue Junction, no vehicles will be allowed to proceed towards Labour Statue. They will be diverted to Bharathi Salai, Bells Road, Wallajah Road to reach Anna Salai or Wallajah Road–MLA Hostel Road to reach War Memorial.

At Bharathi Salai–Bells Road junction and Bharathi Salai–V.R. Pillai Street, vehicles will not be allowed to proceed to Kannagi Statue. They will be diverted to Bells Road, Wallajah Road, Canal Road to reach Bharathi Salai and Kannagi Statue.

In case of heavy rush on Kamarajar Salai, between Gandhi Statue and Kannagi Statue, vehicles going from Gandhi Statue to Kannagi Statue will be diverted via Dr. R.K. Salai, Music Academy junction, T.T.K Salai, GRH Point, Clock Tower, Whites Road and Anna Salai.

No bullock carts will be allowed on Kamarajar Salai, Anna Salai (beyond Pallavan House), Santhome High Road, Cathedral Road and Dr. R.K. Salai.

Bullock carts from North will be diverted at Wallajah Point and allowed to park on Anna Salai — on the stretch from Munroe Statue to Pallavan House. Carts from the South will be diverted on South Canal Bank Road towards Srinivasapuram and allowed to park on Bypass Road or Loop Road.


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