With over 70 teams, the event saw participation from several quizzers in the corporate world

After playing a short melody, quiz master Priamvada Viswanathan shot the question: “Name this piece — national anthem of the European Union and its composer.”

The Team ‘Citi Citi Bang Bang’ from Citibank comprising G. Swaminathan and Ashwin Prabhu quickly screamed ‘Ode to Joy, by Beethoven’.

Emerging as the winners of the Air India Tourism Quiz conducted on the occasion of the World Tourism Day at Mamallapuram on Wednesday, Ashwin and Swaminathan will fly to London by Air India.

“We have finished second and third in the past years, so bagging the first place is definitely exciting. Since we love quizzing and travelling, the quiz was a lot of fun,” said 31-year-old Ashwin, an avid quizzer.

With over 70 teams, the event saw several quizzers from the corporate world seated on the edge of their seats to give the right answer. Quiz master Priamvada neatly packaged several tourism-related questions in a preliminary round, two semi-finals with ten rounds each and a final with five rounds.

The finals included two general rounds, an audio round, ad-film round and grid round. With old Raymond, Rasna and Goldspot ads the ad-film round was particularly fascinating for the crowd.

“It was quite challenging to frame the questions this time to come up with innovative rounds. Also, the theme ‘tourism’ is very relevant since it includes medical and ghetto tourism,” said Priamvada.

The Citibank team led the quiz from the beginning and settled for a comfortably victory with well over 130 points in the final.

“We are yet to decide about our travel plans. Maybe, we will join hands with friends and plan the trip,” said Swaminathan.

While Aban Offshore Ltd. bagged the second prize, KPMG came third. The second and third prize winners get to fly to Paris and Dubai respectively.

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