Four youngsters eat, drink and make merry in Neelankarai home while owners are out of town

For four youngsters, a locked house in Neelankarai was too much of a temptation to resist – it called out to them to party.

Their fun however, was cut short when the house’s residents arrived and called the police.

The house, on Blue Beach Road, belongs to Abdullah, a doctor. A few days ago, Abdullah and his wife Ameertha, went on a holiday, leaving the house locked.

When they returned on Saturday evening, they found the front windowpane broken. As the front door was still locked, the couple assumed children in the area had accidentally broken the window, and used their key to open the door and go in. Inside, they found chicken bones scattered on a table.

Shocked, they ventured further in when they heard the sound of voices from one of the bedrooms, and realised the air-conditioner was on.

Abdullah immediately called the police, telling them there were burglars in the house. A team from the Neelankarai police station arrived, and positioned themselves at both the front and back door to nab anyone who attempted to escape.

Another team went inside and attempted to open the bedroom door.

“The door had an automatic lock and the youngsters inside were not able to open it. It was finally opened using a key,” a police officer said

The police found three young men and a minor girl. When questioned, the men said they were Manikandan, Vijay and Raja, all 20 years old and all from Neelankarai. The girl was from Kottivakkam. They said they had entered through the back door.

“They had drunk some alcohol from the fridge and also eaten some food and were enjoying themselves. They claimed that the house had been locked for a long time and that was why they thought it would be ideal for a small party. However, we suspect that they had come to steal,” said a senior police officer.

The police have registered a case and are interrogating the youngsters.

“Residents should inform the local police station when they are going out of town. That way, a police patrol team can keep an eye on the house and the locality,” said the officer.

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