The Stage Light Music Artists Union will appeal to the State government to set up a welfare board exclusively for light music singers, instrumentalists and technicians. Addressing a press meet here on Thursday, its president Sruthi Balaji said the Union would soon submit a petition in this regard to the government on behalf of the nearly 70,000 artists across the State.

The Union, which was set up a decade ago, was revived in 2001 after being defunct for a few years.

“Southern districts have their respective unions and we decided to come together to appeal to the government for a welfare, board,” he added. On an average, every light music artist gets only seven days of work in a month during wedding season. “Most of them are uneducated and do not have alternative livelihood. On lean months like July, our members end up borrowing loans at high interest rates.

“The welfare board would serve as a platform for us to highlight our grievances and seek remedies,” Mr.Balaji added.

The Stage Light Music Artists Union in the city has 6,000 members. It will also undertake social service activities such as volunteering for HIV/AIDS and anti-tobacco awareness campaigns and taking up eco-friendly initiatives. “We have planned to provide education for union members who have dropped out of schools.”