Adding to the growing clamour against the training of Sri Lankan military personnel in India, students of Ambedkar Law College organised a demonstration at the Park station on Wednesday morning demanding that the Sri Lankans be sent back immediately.

Nearly 150 students took part in the protest. Most of them, part of the ‘Movement for Untouchability’ that functions in the college, raised slogans and condemned the encouragement offered by various power centres to “provide skills to a country which has massacred many Tamils.”

The protest is also to condemn Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s visit to India, said Anbarassan, a participant.

Mr. Rajapaksa is scheduled to visit the world heritage site of Sanchi on September 21 to lay the foundation stone of a proposed Buddhist studies centre.

Though the protest was scheduled to be a peaceful one, there were at least 20 policemen deployed at the Park Station till noon.

“We anticipated violence but it went on without much hassle. The students left for college after an hour,” said an official from Egmore police station.

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