Poondi reservoir the prime storage point for city supply, on Monday began receiving Krishna water discharged from Kandaleru reservoir in Andhra Pradesh.

According to officials of the Water Resources Department here, Uthukottai, the entry point of Kandaleru Poondi canal in Tamil Nadu border, has been receiving 500 cubic feet per second (cusecs) since Sunday. Water travelled 25 km from the entry point to reach Poondi and the reservoir received about 400 cusecs on Monday.

“We expect Andhra Pradesh to step up the release so that we receive up to 800 cusecs. The supply will be maintained till the year-end,” an official said. Krishna water and the available resources in the Poondi, Cholavaram, Red Hills and Chembarambakkam reservoirs would help maintain the current drinking water supply of 650 million litres a day till October next year.

The Water Resources department has also received administrative sanction for the project to repair Kandaleru Poondi canal at a cost of Rs.10.89 crore. As there is water flow in the canal, the work would be executed in January, an official said. Under this, whatever remains to be done, after the works undertaken by Satya Sai Trust, would be completed. This would include construction of retaining wall and inlets from catchment areas into the canal in 20 locations.

The link canal and feeder canal carrying water from the reservoir in Poondi to the facilities in Chembarambakkam and Red Hills would be desilted to increase the water flow, the official added.

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