Parental supervision to be necessary

Children less than eight years of age may not be permitted alone in swimming pools of amusement parks, hotels, apartments, schools or other similar institutions in the State.

The government, which is set to approve one of the first comprehensive regulations for pools ever formulated by a State, may empower ‘pool managers’ to permit such less-than-eight-year-old children in pools only under parents’ supervision.

A team of urban planners, fire and rescue service personnel, Education Department officials and representatives of the Sports Development Authority of India has incorporated such recommendations in the draft of the comprehensive regulations sent for government approval.

The pools to be regulated after government approval will include all those artificial waterbodies measuring more than seven square metre with a minimum depth of 60 cm.

All amusement parks with pools will have to appoint a doctor to monitor users round-the-clock. Pool managers will have the responsibility of permitting users or denying permission. Legal action may be initiated against pool managers who fail to permit users according to the proposed regulations.

The recommendations have been made to ensure that pools have enhanced safety provisions. The need for regulations gained momentum after the government last year framed a Bill detailing safety norms to be followed with regard to swimming pools in schools. The recommendations are in response to the death of a nine-year-old boy in the swimming pool at PSBB School, K.K. Nagar in August 2012.


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