Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on Saturday assured the State government servants that he will be with them always.

“I am with you now. I will be with you always,” he declared amidst applause at the 57th State conference of the Tamil Nadu Government Officials Union here. The occasion was also to thank the Chief Minister for the concessions extended to government employees.

Speaking after releasing a souvenir, the Chief Minister referred to the earlier speeches of the Law and Higher Education Ministers, Durai Murugan and K. Ponmudy, as to how government servants were treated during the previous rule and said that the staff need not be concerned about it. He was one who was intent that the demands of government servants should be fulfilled.

Mr. Karunanidhi did not agree with the argument that as a big chunk of government funds went to meet the salaries of its staff, the growth of economy would be affected. It was the government staff who played a key role in the implementation of various schemes for the benefit of the people. He pointed out that the staff were workers; he and the other Ministers were also workers. He quoted the former Chief Minister, C.N.Annadurai, and said that realising the importance of government staff, he stated that he was with them and would be with them for ever.

Mr. Ponmudy appealed to the union members not to lose their identity.

Mr. Durai Murugan said government servants should not be viewed as one's enemies. Mr. Durai Murugan unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion. The union president, G.Suriyamurthy, thanked the Chief Minister for extending various benefits to government employees.