For several children living with cancer, Friday morning was different. They were greeted by ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Hassan at the Four Frames theatre and treated to the screening of a full-length comedy film, ‘Kola Kolaya Mundhirika’ in Chennai.

Away from the grey world of cancer treatments, the children were enthused by the presence of a versatile and famous actor in their midst. The Four Frames theatre in suburban Nungambakkam was filled to capacity by these special guests, and select invitees. As some of them put it later, they “thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Kamal Hassan told everyone present that he believed cancer could be cured, if only it could be detected early and correct treatment started. Prevention of cancer was of paramount importance. He urged all people to remember such children, even when having a good laugh.

Veteran comedian, screenplay-dialogue writer and satirist ‘Crazy’ Mohan who joined the children for the screening said he viewed the answer to cancer as a healthy dose of comedy. Mohan is the story and dialogue writer for ‘Kola Kolaya Mundhirika’.

The film’s director, Madhumitha Vijay expressed her happiness at the event, coordinated by the Mahesh Memorial Trust. It was bringing some cheer to the children. She recalled her own film journey, from the time she wanted Kamal Hassan’s autograph, to the present time when he was watching the very first show of her film.

The producer of the venture, Trisakti Sundar Raman of Giriguja Films International was also present on the occasion, along with the lead actor, Karthik. The producer announced that one day’s collection from the film would be donated to the Adyar Cancer Institute.