This is a vacant plot opposite my house on Sixth Main Road, Ram Nagar, Madipakkam. This is being used as a dumping yard by some of my neighbours. This is despite a civic exnora tricycle coming to collect garbage every day from all houses in our area.

We discussed this during a meeting with our area councillor, who said that notices have been issued to plot owners to take care of this. But, nothing has happened so far.


Madippakkam South


The Hindu

Devanand P


Ganesh Baskaran

The initiative by The Hindu is just amazing for the reason that it presents the problem and solution on the same page. Congratulations to everyone taking part in this, including FB followers.

Varun Sridharan

Happy to see the initiative on Clean Chennai. I am the Founder & Director of Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd, a start-up company incubated by IIT-Madras. Greenvironment is focused on providing most appropriate and cost-effective environmental engineering solutions based on sustainability principles. We work with the mission to deliver innovative green technologies for efficient water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, renewable energy solutions and marketing of eco-friendly, environmentally safe green products. In solid waste management, we offer Integrated Zero Waste Management (IZWM) service custom designed for various sectors, from corporate organisations, educational institutions to the community at large. Our service includes handling and segregation of waste into recyclables (approx.70%) and non- recyclable waste (approx. 30%), transportation of recyclable waste to recyclers and non- recyclable waste to landfill, eventually reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfills. 


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