A variety of offers and choices are available to keep one engaged with a book

Political parties and leaders that have always been in the news, international figures and lesser known facts about them – the ‘new arrivals' shelves of bookstores in the city are abuzz with non-fiction titles.

With summer vacations on and the unfriendly temperature, bookstores have offers and choices that should keep one engaged with a book indoor.

From newly-released books to ones that refuse to go off the shelf due to their sheer popularity, some of these collections promise great company.

Two books on Gandhi raise enough curiosity. In one of the books, the foreword is intriguing and in the other it is the title ‘Going Native: Gandhi's relationship with western women'.

Former Prime Minister I.K. Gujral's autobiography ‘Matters of Discretion' is another book still on stands. Sanjeev Kelkar's ‘Lost Years of the RSS' is written from an insider's perspective. It analyses the turning points in the history of the organisation .

With IPL season reaching its crescendo, books on cricket heroes cannot be far behind. This book, for hardcore Sachin Tendulkar fans, has a surprise element. ‘Sach' by Gautam Bhattacharya has 40 never-before-asked questions answered by Sachin and unknown anecdotes. There is also ‘Keeping my head – a life in cricket' of cricketer Justin Langer.

Tomes on weight loss

Along with fiction and children's books that always move well, books on weight loss are on the popularity chart. ‘From XL to XS' is a fitness guru's guide to changing your body, authored by Payal Gidwani Tiwari. Rujuta Diwekar continues to grab the attention of the health-conscious, first with ‘Don't lose your mind, lose your weight' and now with ‘Women & the Weight Loss'.

All the books of Chetan Bhagat continue to be among the bestsellers. In a bookstore in Anna Nagar, it is even out of stock. Paulo Coelho's ‘Alchemist' returns as a graphic novel. A few other books new in the fiction category are Jeffrey Archer's ‘Only Time Will Tell' and Wilbur Smith's ‘Those in Peril'.

Landmark had a special offer for its “fellowship members” where one could exchange some of the selected books in case you did not like them after reading a few pages.

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Liffy ThomasJune 28, 2012

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