Chennai Super Kings fans are offering silent prayers that their team will lift the IPL cup for the third time. But they’re also keeping their fingers crossed for the IPL.

The spot-fixing controversy has dented the league’s image, and there is a possibility of many turning their backs on the cricketing enterprise.

Disappointed at the recent turn of events, actor Shanthnu Bhagyaraj is worried that IPL may lose its credibility.

Shanthnu is a key player in the Celebrity Cricket League, a tournament for film stars that mirrors the IPL.

“People here are extremely passionate about cinema and cricket. We take the game seriously in CCL. It is disappointing that the IPL is mired in such a controversy,” he said.

V. Baskaran, former India hockey captain said IPL seemed to offer the best entertainment formula.

Free of frills and quick-paced, it was just what the younger generation wanted. But even the older generation gravitated towards it.

“The recent spot-fixing accusations surrounding famous players have left me sad. I may not watch the tournament with the same enthusiasm any more. Next time someone bowls a no-ball, I won’t be sure if it is genuine,” he said.

Ajay Ashok Motiram, executive at HCL Technologies (BSERV), a card-carrying supporter of Chennai Super Kings and whose life revolves around the IPL calendar every season, said he would stop watching the IPL if charges of spot-fixing were proved.

However, there are people whose faith in IPL remains unshaken. S. Devi, a final year student of MOP Vaishnav College, said she was furious when the spot-fixing scandal came to light.

“A few tainted players might have brought the tournament under a cloud, but that would not keep me from patronising it. I will definitely continue to support CSK, because of my idol M.S. Dhoni. I am looking forward to the finals,” she said.

Aswin Bharadwaj, a city-based lawyer, hopes the CSK franchisee is proved to be above the scandal. Aswin says he will be rooting for CSK in the finals.

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