Netz Cricket, an indoor cricket facility, has been inaugurated at Citi Centre. The facility has six bowling lanes where the balls are bowled at a speed of 160 km/hr by a state-of-the-art bowling machine from Bola.

Netz Cricket is promoted by Fayaz Ahmed, Director, ETA Star; Nawaz, Founder Partner, Netz Cricket; and Adithya Venkataswami, CEO, Netz Cricket.

Netz Cricket also lends itself to an ideal venue for corporate tournaments and informal six-to-a-side cricket game among groups of friend.

One can play sets of two overs at the cost of Rs. 60 per set or take up annual memberships that are now open. Dug Out, a café takes care of refreshment needs.

Actor Karthi launched the facility last month. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Fayaz Ahmed said, “With Netz Cricket, the family entertainment quotient at Citi Centre has a fantastic venue.” The BOLA Bowling Machine has been at the forefront of technology since its launch by cricketer Michael Stuart in 1985. The BOLA is already widely used by hundreds of schools, clubs, private individuals and organisations who have recognised a very tangible and enjoyable way of improving batting performance, providing accurate and consistent batting practice for cricketers of all standards and abilities.

The BOLA is multi-talented and very capable of recreating all the best aspects of any bowling attack. Users are allowed to choose between spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings, and is also equipped with ‘The Random Delivery Mode’ which allows users to get a more realistic touch to the session. It will bowl whatever delivery the batsman wants to practise against and keep bowling that ball until you can play that cover drive or square cut or hook or pull or reverse sweep. For details, call 2847 7866.


SportsMay 14, 2012

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