In a vicious attack, a drunken man chopped off the ears of a three-month old puppy in R.A. Puram on Sunday.

G. Krishnamurthy, an autorickshaw driver, rescued and took the animal to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at Vepery. The puppy was immediately taken to the veterinary college hospital, opposite the SPCA campus, and given treatment.

Talking about the incident, Mr. Krishnamurthy said the puppy was usually fed by a group of autorickshaw drivers belonging to a stand on Pughs Road, R.A. Puram. On Sunday, the drivers had not gone to the stand. Using this opportunity, Mr. Krishnamurthy alleged, a man, Kumar, lured the puppy with biscuits and took it to his house, where, in a drunken condition, he chopped off the puppy’s ears.

The incident came to light on Monday, when a driver of the stand found the puppy taking cover under an autorickshaw.

“It is always very active and playful with everyone in the stand. So when the driver dragged it out we found the puppy’s ears were chopped,” Mr. Krishnamurthy said.

This was not the first time Kumar had indulged in such acts, the drivers alleged. He had earlier created trouble by throwing stones at his neighbour’s house, and had been arrested on a couple of occasions, they said.

The veterinary hospital authorities had advised the drivers to bring the puppy at periodical intervals to the clinic for follow-up treatment, Mr. Krishnamurthy said.

A case has been filed in the Abhiramapuram police station and further investigation is on.


Maimed puppy dies of injuriesAugust 28, 2013

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