This weekend, IIT-Madras will open its doors for people to come and paint its walls, make sculptures and learn about art from experts.

The art festival, Kalaikoodam, is being organised by members of the Fine Arts Club of the institute.

On Saturday, students and other interested persons can take part in a graffiti-making event at the students facilities centre.  Registration for the event is free. The theme of the event will be ‘Unleash - to free oneself from all the conformities’. Visual artist and photographer Vimal Chandran will lead the event and help participants create a collaborative display of graffiti.

 “This is celebration of community art. The purpose of the event is to take art to everyone. It is the first time we are getting people to contribute to art and gain access to international artists at IIT-Madras,” said Arya Prakash, convener of the club and one of the student-organisers of the event. The participants will also learn to make interesting items from junk.  

Artist Bose Krishnamachari, recipient of national and international awards and honours, will conduct an art awareness talk and visual presentation on, ‘Everything could be art, everyone could be an artist.’