A student of class XII is glad to be home after four surgeries and 120 days in a hospital

A student of class XII, R. Vishal is glad to be home after four surgeries and 120 days in a hospital.

Having suffered from ulcerative colitis, he says he is now watching TV, eating food, sleeping and catching up on studies.

“It was very boring in hospital. My next aim is to write the board exam and then take up chartered accountancy. My school has been supportive,” he said.

His father K.S. Rajasekar, a bank employee, said: “He had the problem for over five years. The symptoms were weakness, loose motion, blood in the motion and low haemoglobin count. For three years we went in for non-surgical medication but after that we had to stop the medication and go in for surgery.”

Since his condition led to low haemoglobin counts, loss of weight and essential nutrition, he is now recuperating. “He is better now than he was two weeks ago. He is able to talk and walk,” said his mother Shanthi Rajasekar.

J.S. Rajkumar, chairman of Lifeline Group of Hospitals, said that the disease that Vishal had was life-threatening and at one point of time they thought he would not be able to pull through.

“It was a very complex large bowel surgery. The initial procedure was performed laparoscopically and the immediate post operative period was smooth. However, loops of the small bowel got stuck to each other and he returned to the hospital with bowel obstruction.

For this, he underwent multiple surgeries involving decompression and later removal of various segments of the small gut. He underwent aggressive nutritional support, repeated CT scan-guided aspiration of the intra-abdominal collection and twice had massive bleeding from tiny blood vessels hidden in the wall of these collections.

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