A 56-year-old AIADMK functionary, who was allegedly knocked down by a vehicle in the Chief Minister’s convoy at Kamaraj Salai on August 17, is bedridden. He had suffered a dislocated pelvis and multiple fractures on his right leg and is still hospitalised.

The accident took place around 5 p.m. near the Public Works Department building where the victim P. Karmegam, chairman of Solavaram union of AIADMK and an active member since 1972, was waiting with other partymen for Ms. Jayalalithaa’s convoy to pass by to pay his respects.

“I was in a small group of people elbowing one another to get a glimpse of Amma travelling in her car. I bowed in greeting as her car passed, when a policeman, who was trying to control the crowd, pushed me. Tottering, I found myself in the path of the convoy and was hit hard by one of the vehicles,” Karmegam told The Hindu on Friday from his bed at Apollo Hospitals on Greams Road.

Partymen rushed an unconscious and profusely bleeding Karmegam to hospital in an ambulance. Five fractures on his right leg and a damaged pelvic bone made him immobile.

Karmegam’s son P.K. Balan said his father had undergone a slew of surgeries in the last 28 days.

The treatment had cost over Rs. 10 lakh. And doctors said it would take five or six weeks for him to barely move his feet.

Despite suffering such a fate, Karmegam is cheerful and optimistic. “Amma gave me everything that I have today. I’m confident that I will become healthy soon and be on my feet to pay her my respects once again.”


Man knocked down in Chennai by CM’s convoyAugust 18, 2013