Residents of localities in all the fifteen zones not adequately covered under the grid system of roads will soon see significant improvements to the road infrastructure. The Chennai Corporation will finalise data collection on the second phase of grid system of road improvement for the zones next week.

All the roads under this project may use plastic as an additional binding material. A total of approximately Rs. 350 crore is likely to be spent as part of the second phase of the project for improving the grid system. Rs. 333.27 crore was approved for the implementation of the first phase by the Corporation. While the first phase covered the 8 newly added zones, the second phase will cover the entire city. However, only roads where work by agencies such as Metrowater will not be taken up in the near future will be taken up as part of the second phase.

The work as part of the first phase of grid system of roads under the mega city development mission is expected to be completed by September. The State government had approved the grid system of roads to improve infrastructure in expanded areas of Chennai Corporation.

The second phase of the grid system focuses on clearing traffic bottlenecks around newly developing junctions of traffic congestion in all the zones.

The roads for the second phase are being shortlisted based on residents' feedback. Work on integrated redevelopment of most of the 360 roads covered in the first phase is under way.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

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