A 72-year-old ophthalmologist from Iraq Mohsin Abdul Majeed was operated upon and treated at Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital here.

The ophthalmologist, who was operated for a cataract eight years ago in his home country, required a surgery to correct the displaced intraocular lens in his left eye. He sought the help of Amar Agarwal, Managing Director of Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital.

Dr. Amar Agarwal who had made use of the Glued IOL technique in over 1,000 patients operated on Dr. Majeed two days ago. On Saturday, Dr. Majeed could not only see but could also read after almost a year.

Dr. Majeed said he started noticing haemorrhage in several parts of the retina and realised that the intraocular lens fixed after the cataract surgery had been displaced. He sought Dr.Amar Agarwal's help, who suggested the glued IOL surgery. The procedure, took around 15 minutes and involved applying glue made of human tissue to bind the lens. "The problem of the IOL getting displaced can be treated under the Kalaignar Health Insurance Scheme. It costs Rs. 14,000 and is particularly useful for children with congenital defects, persons who have undergone a cataract surgery and were prescribed thick glasses and those who suffer firecracker injury, Dr. Amar Agarwal said. Later this month, a seminar on the use of glued IOL technique would be conducted in Pune, with the aim of teaching the technique.

Dr. Amar Agarwal was recently honoured with the Casebeer Award for his work in glued IOL technique.