Five Russian films, being screened at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture here as part of the V-Day celebrations, will offer a peek into the watershed events held during the Great Patriotic War.

Inaugurating the film festival on Monday, the Consulate-General of Russian Federation in South India N.A. Listopadov said the selected films would provide glimpses of war-torn Russia and events that led to its victory over Nazi Germany.

War-based films

While the films are largely based on the war front, they also capture the emotions and everyday struggle of the soldiers who were bogged down by the relentless battles.

“These films are a positive reminder for people who believe in peace and harmony. It tells us terrorism would not last forever,” he said.

Calling film festivals a platform to strengthen the cultural ties among countries, actor Swarnamalya said films are the best way to learn the history and culture of a country.

The inauguration was followed by ‘The Battle for Berlin,' a film about the events on Great Patriotic War. Film Federation of India president L. Suresh and Russian Centre of Science and Culture Director Vladimir V. Mariy spoke at the event.

Four films – ‘Normandie-Niemen,' ‘The Fire Bulge,' ‘Break Through' and ‘Ordinary Fascism' — will be screened at the Centre till Thursday.