Soon, CT-guided interventions at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (GH) will be rapid and more accurate.

The government has given the nod for purchase of a CT scanner (16 slice) with fluoroscopy and biopsy robotic tool at a cost of Rs. 3.40 crore for the hospital.

This comes as part of the finance minister’s announcement in the 2012-2013 budget allotting Rs. 10 crore for the purchase of diagnostic equipment.

According to doctors at GH, the equipment enables CT-guided biopsy for the diagnosis of cancer.

“It will enable the operator to guide a needle to a specific part in the body, for instance liver, and take tissue diagnosis. With the existing CT scan facility, we are not able to see the needle and have to take a CT scan repeatedly. The new equipment facilitates real-time tracking of the needle,” a doctor said.

Compared to other CT scanners, this is faster and more accurate.

Another advantage is that surgery could be avoided for biopsy procedures, she said.

“If case of fluid collection in the body, we can use the scanner to guide the needle directly into the collection and remove it without surgery. It can also be used for tumour ablation and to inject pain-relieving drugs using needles in cases of chronic joint pain,” she added

This was of help especially in taking biopsy from organs which move while breathing, such as lungs, she mentioned.

“Once we upload the CT scan, the robotic tool will give us the volume of the tumour and directions for the needle such as the angle and depth of the tumour’s location,” she explained.

Dean of GH V. Kanagasabai said the equipment would be of great advantage in the field of oncology as it would aid the precise diagnosis of inoperable cancers.

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