The Government General Hospital in the city on Saturday received new equipment worth Rs.1.20 crore for emergency and trauma care wards.

These included a dozen ventilators, a bedside echo cardiogram for the Cardiology Department and flow cytometer, which is a diagnostic tool for the Haematology Department.

They were procured using the constituency development fund given by Park Town MLA K. Srinivasan.

The equipment was handed over at a function in the hospital to its Dean J. Mohanasundaram.

Thanking Mr. Srinivasan, the Dean said ventilators were used to provide artificial respiration to persons with head injuries and those admitted with serious breathing difficulties.

“We have 50 ventilators and they are constantly in use. We have to delay elective surgeries for want of ventilators,” he said.

“In private hospitals a patient pays Rs.10,000 a day for ventilator support. Some of the hospitals also refer seriously ill patients to us and we cannot turn them away,” Dr. Mohanasundaram said.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation would be installing the echo cardiogram and the flow cytometer within a month, he said.