Despite coming up with several plans to outwit the police, Gouri was finally held on Thursday

She has trained five dogs at home to keep the police at bay. Her husband attempts self-immolation to divert the attention of the police while she removes large quantities of ganja hidden in the house. She has over 20 cases of drug peddling against her and she is 59 years old.

Police on Thursday afternoon arrested Gouri alias ‘ganja’ Gouri, a notorious ganja peddler in Thiruninravur and adjoining areas. Gouri, who once sold illicit arrack, switched to contraband overa decade ago and has been arrested by police for possession of ganja and other drugs on eight occasions.

“She has been evading arrest as her dogs bark at the sight of police and prevent us from entering. On other occasions, her husband Nathan (63) pours kerosene on himself even as Gouri removes all the contraband from the house,” said K. Sathiyan, Inspector of Police, Thiruninravur.

However, on Thursday afternoon a team led by the Mr. Sathiyan stormed Gouri’s house and seized over a kilogram of ganja hidden in a scooter in an open ground near her house on Thamirabarani Street, Sudesi Nagar in Thiruninravur.

Her accomplices Rosy (18), Selvi (19) and Balan (45) who peddled contraband in the area were also arrested, Mr. Sathiyan added.

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