Corporation tweaks earlier proposal to make them more viable for contractors

The Chennai Corporation has tweaked its proposal to install newly-designed toilets across the city.

From 5,000, proposed in the earlier plan, there will now be only 2,000 toilets installed in crowded areas in all 15 zones. Most of the spots have been already been identified, based on a survey by the civic body, focussing on commercial areas lacking in toilet facilities.

The toilets will be made of high-density polyethylene or polycarbonate sheets or an equivalent material. The structures will be constructed under a public-private partnership mode. The private entity will build, own, operate and then transfer the toilets to the civic body after 20 years. The rights of advertisement on space at the toilets will be made available to the private agency that sets up the toilets. Under the earlier plan, the contract was in place for 10 years.

“We are reworking the document, reducing the number to 2,000. We will specify the locations in the reworked document. Maintenance of toilets is the important factor,” said Corporation Commissioner D. Karthikeyan.

As the revenue from toilets is likely to vary with the locality, there will be a “cross subsidy” mechanism in place. When the earlier plan was in place, many private agencies claimed they would not be able to recover the money spent on construction.

The changes that have been made now are designed to make the public-private partnership more attractive.

The civic body has already constructed 714 toilets in the city but many are in dilapidated condition. Some of the existing facilities are also likely to be replaced by the newly-designed toilets.

Requests from residents and representatives of commercial establishments pertaining to the setting up of toilets will be taken into account before the final document is readied this week.

The civic body has also identified spots in such a way that pedestrian areas are not encroached upon. The structures will not in any way obstruct footpaths. All the 2,000 toilets will be designed to suit the humid climate, as concepts such as that of the dry toilets have been found unsuitable.

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