Four Sri Lankan nationals were arrested last weekend at the airport when they tried to smuggle in gold weighing 1.82 kg. The seized gold was valued at Rs. 56.8 lakh.

A press release said officials intercepted and arrested Mohammadu Ammanudeen Makbul (43) on suspicion last Friday. In his checked-in baggage they found crude gold coated in white and black in the form of four strips, concealed in the grooves of the bag’s metallic frame.

The passenger attempted to smuggle 560 grams of gold, which was valued at Rs. 17.8 lakh. In the second incident on Saturday last, officials seized 1.26 kg of gold, valued at Rs. 39 lakh, from three passengers who arrived from Sri Lanka on two different flights. They had hidden the jewellery in their garments. They were identified as P.M. Haja Mohaideen (58), his wife Samsun Bee Bi (52) and another passenger M.M.R. Fathima Miffla (42).

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