www.dinein.in is an innovative dining concept that’s making waves across Chennai. Started in January 2012, the online portal has taken 5000 orders and delivered 18,000 dishes. It provides value added services such as reserving seats in restaurant online and placing takeaway orders. People can order their favourite food from multiple restaurants without steeping out of the house.

The idea of www.dinein.in was conceived by two young businessmen Vinit Chordia and Sundeep Daga. Says Vinit Chordia, “The concept of ordering from home has always been there. However, the idea of recreating the magic of dining out, with the full-length menu and the option of ordering from multiple restaurants was not. The idea of dinein was born because we wanted to create something revolutionary online, yet we wanted it to be something that would reach everyone.”

The portal has an attractively designed interface and currently offers more than 40 branded restaurants.

To place order, log on to www.dinein.in or call 4910 1010.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012

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