Rules with regard to tinted glass and number plates should be strictly adhered to, traffic police have said

The Chennai city traffic police have announced specifications for the tinted glass used in automobile windshields and windows as well as specifications for number plates for all vehicles plying in the city.

All dealers of number plates, stickers and glass parts for automobiles have been asked to strictly follow these norms and persuade their customers to do so.

According to a press release, motorists in the city have been ignoring regulations with regard to the usage of dark film on windows of vehicles as wells as norms for number plates.

The Supreme Court order of May 4, 2012 states that the visual light transmission of tinted glass in vehicles should be at 70 per cent on the windscreen (front and rear) and 40 per cent on the side windows.

No dark film or any other material should be pasted on the windscreens or windows of a vehicle.

With regard to number plates, the press release said that since at present, vehicles in the city used number plates of different sizes and fonts, it was often difficult for the police to identify the registration number of vehicles involved in accidents.

This causes delays in obtaining compensation for victims.

Motorists are therefore requested to follow the size and colour prescribed in the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, for number plates.

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