Eminent writers and activists observed the need to focus on sexual violence at a panel discussion held at the Goethe-Institut here on Friday.

Speaking on ‘gender, sexuality, violence’, writer and activist Aniruddhan Vasudevan said, “I think the general quality of our conversation around sexual violence after the Delhi rape incident has been frustrating. This is because we have generally been reduced to fire fighting as social movements. There is not much conversation about everyday violence.”

The discussion on gender violence does not happen frequently enough though it is required, said Revathi Radhakrishnan, an activist.

“Only after the Delhi rape incident we hold so many discussions about sexual violence. When we talk about gender violence, we also have to include the violence against transgenders and sexual minorities,” she said.

Ms. Revathi noted that majority of the sexual violence victims may be poor and belong to the Dalit community. Observing that many of the political parties and organisations are headed mostly by men, she said even if there are women they only form a minority.

“Most of these political parties and organisations don’t have an agenda on gender violence. I’m not prioritising gender violence but it remains that no one talks about it,” she said.

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