One-year penalty for involvement in ragging, assault; they and eight others also permanently suspended from college hostel

Thirteen students of Madras Medical College (MMC) have been permanently suspended from the hostel, and five of them also face a year’s suspension from college for being involved in ragging and assault.

While one of the students is in the pre-final year, the 12 others are in their second year of MBBS.

The action was taken after a first-year student of the college lodged a written complaint citing harassment from second-year students.

In the letter, the student said a second-year student had beaten him up and this was causing him mental agony, a source at the college said.

According to some students, the pre-final-year student had come in support of the student who was being ragged, and allegedly roughed up the second-year student who had done the ragging. Following this, the second-year student teamed up with 11 others and assaulted the senior student.

The students alleged that the 12 second year students had been involved in a few other troublesome incidents on earlier occasions too.

“An enquiry committee headed by a senior professor, who is the head of a department, was formed to take up the case as soon as the first-year student lodged the complaint. The parents of all the students concerned were also summoned. Following a detailed enquiry, the case was placed before the college council, which was attended by several professors, on November 29,” an official source said.

The council decided on the nature of the punishment based on the students’ actions, he said. “The 12 second-year students and one pre-final-year student have been permanently suspended from the hostel. This means that the students cannot get accommodation at MMC’s hostels anytime during their medical education. Five of them, including the pre-final-year student, have also been suspended from the college for a year,” he explained.

He added that the college considered any kind of action that could cause humiliation to junior students as ragging. College authorities have now asked the first-year student to go in for counselling.