The eclipse which will occur on May 21 will be an annular one and will last only for a few minutes

The first Solar eclipse of this year will occur on May 21. It will be an annular solar eclipse which will last only for a few minutes.

In India, the event will be visible only in some parts of North Eastern States, that too when the eclipse ends between 4.45 and 4.55 a.m. (IST) in these parts. It will not be visible in other parts of the country.

The path of annularity will begin in southern China and move east through Japan, the northern Pacific Ocean, and into the western United States. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout parts of eastern Asia and most of North America.

Globally, the eclipse will begin at around 02:26 hrs (IST) and will end at 08:19 hrs (IST). The next solar eclipse visible in Chennai city will be a partial eclipse that would occur on March 9, 2016.

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