The traffic investigation limit recorded 2,264 accidents last year in which 328 persons died

With at least 30 fatal road accidents recorded every month, the Poonamalle traffic investigation limit tops the 14 traffic police jurisdictions in the city limits in the number of fatal road accidents.

Police teams are now studying the situation to reduce accidents there. They also plan to bifurcate the Poonamallee traffic limit or reassign some areas to nearby traffic limits.

The Poonamallee traffic limits which is the largest, covers 16 city police station limits including Ambattur, Maduravoyal, Mangadu, Poonamallee, Nazarathpet, Thiruninravur and Muthapudupet.

According to statistics available with the City Traffic Police, the Poonamallee traffic investigation limit which covers the largest area, recorded 2,264 accidents last year in which 328 persons died. In 2010, there were 1,862 accidents with 390 fatalities and in 2009, 1,439 accidents were recorded and 299 persons died.

As of April 16, 2012, the Poonamallee traffic police recorded 557 accident cases out of which 105 were fatal. While in January there were 38 accidental deaths, February recorded 29 and March 28 .

“Nearly 42 percent of the fatalities take place on the Poonamallee-Bangalore High Road, which falls within our limits. Even I fear for my life, when I go on my motorcycle on that stretch after nightfall,” said a traffic investigation officer with Poonamallee traffic.

Personnel, often have to travel by motorcycle for not less than 20 km to reach the accident spot for investigation. Often there is a shortage of personnel as the sanctioned strength is only 42, out of which only 35 are on rolls.

Additional station

Traffic investigation personnel on duty added that bifurcation of the Poonamallee traffic limit with an additional station is the solution to problem as there will more police personnel with the traffic enforcement section and hence, accidents can be reduced.

A team of senior police personnel is studying the Poonamallee jurisdiction to come up with measures to reduce accidents.

“We are planning to either re-distribute work load by giving some areas from the Poonamallee limit to adjacent police jurisdictions or go in for bifurcation, in which case we will need government approval, ,” said a senior officer.


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