The airport police have filed two FIRs over the collapse of the false ceiling at the new domestic terminal.

Police said the two reports detail the incidents: one on May 13 when 20 panels caved in near the security hold area due to heavy winds, and the other on August 11 when 23 panels behind the check-in counters at the terminal crashed due to heavy condensation.

Senior police officers said a report has also been sent to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and a reply has been sought about why this had occurred and the steps AAI planned to take to solve the problem.

On Wednesday, yet again, one panel (6x2 feet) fell in front of the Jet Airways check-in counter late in the evening. Police officers immediately inspected the area.

This is the fifth incident of the false ceiling collapsing at the airport in the last four months.

“The panel had become loose because someone had actually disturbed it. It was set right early on Thursday morning,” said an AAI official.

“Workers have been replacing panels throughout the terminal but the panel that fell on Wednesday was from the reworked area. We are conducting an enquiry,” said a police officer.

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