Officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized fake 500-rupee notes from a person hailing from Salem at Egmore railway station on Monday.

He has been arrested. C. Rajan, Additional Director General of DRI, Chennai, said Ravi Kumar, who arrived here by the Howrah – Tiruchi Express, initially told the authorities that he was not carrying anything, but later confessed that he had fake currency to the tune of Rs.6 lakh. Preliminary investigation revealed that he had procured the fake notes in Kolkata. For one lakh rupees, he had to pay Rs.55,000 in genuine currency.

Last Sunday Ravi Kumar received 12 bundles of fake notes from Moula of Bangladesh and boarded the train. The security thread on the notes was coarse and the letters ‘RBI' were uneven on some notes and missing on many others.

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