The fair weather prevailing in the city for the past few days is here to stay for another week. The presence of easterly wind would help sustain the weather over the coastal districts, including Chennai, according to officials of the Meteorological Department.

Unlike the interior parts of the State where maximum temperature is on the rise, Chennai's temperature has been only one degree higher than the average of 29 degree Celsius.

There is also not much possibility of rain in northern parts of the State.

The onset of summer is usually delayed in Chennai with the city experiencing a maximum temperature between 31 and 33 degree Celsius till mid-March.

On the rising minimum temperature, an official said that more moisture content controlled by wind pattern led to warmer nights in the city.

On Monday, Nungambakkam recorded a minimum temperature of 23 degree Celsius, two degrees above average.

This month has been one of the coldest January in the past decade. The lowest minimum temperature of 17.7 degree Celsius in Nungambakkam and 16.9 degree Celsius in Meenambakkam was registered on January 17.

The city experienced nearly 13 chilly days when the temperature hovered around 18 degree Celsius.