In the last three days, about 120 veterinary graduates were provided time to learn about themselves, spell out their dreams and exhibit their leadership capabilities through the 72 hours experiential learning residential training programme conducted for the first time by Madras Veterinary College (MVC).

Having returned from a national tour, most of the students wanted to take it easy.

Opportunity to make new friends

Instead, they were asked to report for the training programme without fail. At the end of the session, most of them said it provided an opportunity to make new friends, come out with innovative ideas, reveal their hidden talents and it also improved the confidence level.

Taking part in the valedictory session of ‘iNTRAPRENEURSHIP', Sudeep Jain, Special Officer, Entrepreneurship Development Institute-Chennai, on Sunday asked the students to develop courage and resilient to face failures and to do better in their next attempt.

“How many of you are ready to face failure in your first attempt? Don't think everyone is successful in their maiden attempt. If you can't face failure, then life will be tougher. Failure is part of the learning curve. It is better to face failure, when you have spent 10 or 20 per cent of your savings. Always think in long term, whatever may be the project. If you taste success in the first attempt, then the remaining period of your life would not be satisfying,” he said.

In a short span of 20 minutes, final year students were asked by the coach M. Parivallal to come out with ideas or technologies that would be applicable after 20 years in the various fields.

Models demonstrated

Two of the best models in the fields of agriculture and media were demonstrated to the Special Officer.

S.R. Srinivasan, dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences, MVC, expressed happiness about the success of the first training programme. Citing the success of Namakkal district in poultry farming, D. Kathiresan, Director of Extension Education, TANUVAS, asked the students to convert every district in the State as a special place for animal husbandry products.

Coach Parivallal said that it was for the first time he conducted training session for veterinary students.

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