The Highways Department has planned to spruce up the pedestrian subway near Shanthi Theatre on Anna Salai.

“We have written to the State government for Rs. 36 lakh in funds, and more if available. The top portions will be remodelled like the subway near Simpsons. If there is a good response from users, the others too will be remodelled,” said a source.

Like those at Victoria Public Hall and Central Station, this subway too is well used. Subways are usually constructed if there are more than 3,000 pedestrian crossings at a particular spot in a day. Most subways in the city witness double that number.

The department is also in the process of painting and cleaning all the subways. The department, which maintains the 16 subways (two of which are closed due to Metro Rail work) in the city, usually paints them in light tones. But this time around they have chosen to go wild with colours.

“We have tried to use different colours so it would help guide more people to the subways. Lighting will also be improved wherever required,” said a source.

The department is also in the process of removing posters. It has sought the support of the Chennai Corporation to take offenders to task.

However, pedestrians complain that several subways need to be cleaned on a regular basis. “As there is continuous pedestrian movement, there is a lot of dust. A round of cleaning during the afternoons is necessary. Also some kind of security or installation of CCTV cameras would help as the subways are very congested,” said P. Nila, who uses the subway opposite the Central Station on a regular basis.

T. Ravikumar, president, All India Rail and Bus Passengers’ Welfare Association said that very few subways in the city were clean. “A portion of the space is taken up by beggars and vendors, making walking difficult. The lighting too has to be improved,” he added.

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