A training session for enumerators and supervisors of the sixth economic census for the district, will be completed on Thursday.

The enumeration of all establishments will start this week.

Enumerators across zones will collect the material needed for the census. The material includes a layout map of each enumeration block to be covered, an abridged list of houses in each block, copies of blank forms and an economic census kit.

Each enumerator will visit establishments or households with an identity card and request residents to provide information. The enumerator will also carry a photocopy of an appeal — a statement made by the government to convince respondents to part with information.

The economic census is a complete count of all establishments located within certain geographical boundaries, to be used for planning and to assess the contribution of various sectors of the economy. An establishment can be an office providing services to consumers for a fee, a shop selling provisions of day-to-day consumption, a factory manufacturing goods, or a house where economic activity is carried out by members. The respondents include all property tax assessees in the district.

The major activity of the establishment will be recognised based on income, turnover or number of workers.

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