With voters in the State ready to get inked today, rapper BlaaZe, known for his ‘issue-oriented music’, is currently making waves with a new music video, thought-provokingly titled ‘Who is the Idiot.’

Also featuring Paul J and created by 9XM and Artistaloud, the satirical video has children playing political figures and urges the public to go vote and not be the ‘idiot’!

Born Lakshmi Narasimha Raman in Chennai, BlaaZe credits his upbringing in Zambia and education in the U.K and U.S., as the reason for becoming “closer as an individual with my roots and traditions”.

Having dived headlong into socially-relevant issues, (he also wrote the lyrics for the official UN anthem on poverty alleviation, ‘Pray for me Brother), he feels that music is the “only way I know to address these concerns.”

When the team at 9XM proposed the idea of using children to showcase the current political scenario, he thought the idea “pure genius”.

“When you actually see a junior Modi, a junior Kejriwal and a junior Ramdev, you feel a sense of what is going on even while reliving the innocence. Elections, voting, and campaigning are all tools of promise for the children and the future; therefore, it is appropriate that children delivered the message for us to take notice, wake up and vote!” added BlaaZe.

The video has been a huge hit, racking up over 2,00,000 views on YouTube without any promotion. 

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