A 13-year-old boy gets addicted to online gambling and is bullied, a young girl is emotionally shattered when her pictures are morphed and shared on the net, and a senior citizen, victim of a cyber-plot, ends up losing all his money. These may be characters in a film, but they would certainly find semblance in a world that is witnessing an increasing number of cyber crimes every day.

The 10-minute film ‘The world and cyber crime,' made by P. Vasanthakumaran, screened here on Sunday reflected the vulnerabilities of a world dependent on technology and the implications of cyber crime in everyday life.

Mr. Vasanthakumaran said the movie was an attempt to address an international problem and create awareness about it.

“The victim should notify the concerned authorities, and companies should not hesitate to approach law enforcement firms to fight cyber crime,” he said.

Such movies and books should be translated into Tamil to benefit the larger community, said Ratnavel Pandian, former Supreme Court Judge as he released a CD of the film.

A.V. Soma Sundram, former magistrate stressed the need for more stringent laws to deal with offences such as cyber bullying, cyber threats and identity theft.

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