After a demonstration of scientific principles for students with hearing disability at Science City here on Thursday, E. K. Subha, a student of Dr. MGR Home and Higher Secondary School for the Speech and Hearing Impaired, said that she wants to make a mark in space technology. “Kalpana Chawla is my inspiration,” she added.

“She says that her disability is not a constraint for scientific achievement,” said her teacher, G. Indira, decoding the student's sign language.

Most of the students with disability are advised by teachers to pursue subjects related to arts and literature as it is tough for such students to cope with the challenges of science and technology, said Ms. Indira.

“Our science education system is also not helpful to such students. The students with disability seem to be inspired to become scientists and technocrats after taking part in the workshop,” she said.

A. Archana, another student participant with disability, said she wanted to become a computer engineer.

The workshop has been organised to create awareness of science and technology among students with disability, said P.Iyamperumal, vice chairman of Science City. More than 125 students with disability participated in the workshop. The workshop covered study techniques, science projects, psychology, wildlife conservation, health and hygiene.

“Disability poses a challenge to such students in learning science but teachers have to help them overcome it,” said Dr. Iyamperumal.

Principal Scientific Officer of the Centre for Cooperation in Science and technology among Developing Societies B. Babuji stressed the need for the encouragement of parents in inculcating scientific temper among such students. “Students with disability should contribute towards scientific and technological innovations,” he added.

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