If you are someone frustrated by the state of public toilets in your locality, there may soon be an opportunity to complain about it. A project by Transparent Chennai plans to collect information from residents across the city on the state of the facilities. The system will be first tested in and around T. Nagar and if found successful, will be extended to other parts of the city.

“When residents of an area send a text message from their mobile, we will be able to trace the location and monitor the maintenance of the toilets better,” said Nithya Raman, director of Transparent Chennai.

A complaint number, specific to an area, will be provided outside each toilet. Transparent Chennai plans to tie up with a private firm which will provide back-end support for the project.

“We are yet to talk to Chennai Corporation about the process. If they are interested, we may share the information with them, thereby helping in the upkeep of the public toilets,” she said.

Transparent Chennai began a project to map public toilets in 2011.

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